Love’s A Risk Continued…

"Charlotte? Can you hear me?" I heard a voice say. Charlotte? Are you okay?" I heard the voice say again. My head was throbbing and my body was sore all over and most of all I was really fucking confused. I felt my eyes slowly flutter open to let the light of the room into them and the first thing I noticed was a white ceiling then a blurred outline of a person leaning over me. As my eyes adjusted to the room around me the image became clearer. Nick was standing over me and looking at me while smiling. "Oh Charlotte I’m glad you’re awake" He said as I lifted my self up from the bed. I noticed Joy and Alex in the corner with worried looks on their faces. I looked back at Nick who held the same expression on his face. "What happened?" I managed to utter. "We were talking in the hall and all of the sudden you fainted. I was so worried so I called an ambulance and they brought you here to hospital." I looked around the room which didn’t look much like a hospital but then again I didn’t have much experience with French hospitals. "They said it may have been dehydration. I guess you just got a little light headed." He continued. I knew it wasn’t dehydration. It was my lack of ability to accept that Nick had moved on and was with someone else. "Are you feeling better? If you are, they said you’re free to leave." Joy chimed in. "Yea I guess I am. I just have a headache. But what about the show? You’re going to be late." Nick exchanged a glance with Alex and then quietly said,"You’ve been asleep for 3 days." 3 days? How did this happen? "But the shows-" I stuttered. Nick reached for my hand and held it in his. "It’s okay. We just postponed 2 gigs. You’re more important right now." He said. I could feel myself start to cry once I had realized all the trouble I’d put them through "I didn’t mean to cause all of this. I shouldn’t have come here in the first place."

Love’s A Risk by thelastshadowbabes/Claire

After landing in Paris, I took a taxi to where the band would be playing that night. Once I had stepped onto the pavement, I was greeted by a group of paparazzi and their cameras. I heard a chorus of “Charlotte! Over here!” and “Have you and Arielle been fighting over Alex?” as I tried to make my way inside the venue. I got stopped at the door by a large man who asked for some identification in order to get in. I quickly texted the band’s manager and was let in after the guy received a phone call. I walked down a long hall that eventually led me to a door, which had a sign reading “Arctic Monkeys” attached to it. I knocked on the door and a few seconds later the door opened and revealed Matt. “Charlotte?” He said in a confused tone. He turned his head around and muttered something to someone in the room and then stepped out into the hall and closed the door behind him. “Matt! It’s so good to see you again.” I said before hugging him. He received the hug but pulled away quickly. “Good to see you too but also surprising. What are you doing here? I thought Nick told you to go home.” I sighed heavily as I realized he must have told the others about are fight. “I’m here to try and make things right between Nick and I. Was this a mistake?” I asked him. He put his hand through his hair and then said, “He hasn’t really talked about you since you left and you know he’s started seeing this girl, Katie. Honestly Charlotte I don’t know. I’m sure Alex would be happy to see you though.” He said before laughing to himself. I rolled my eyes at him causing him to say, “I’m only kidding but there’s only one way to find out.” He opened the door up and I followed him into the room. At first I noticed Alex, who was sitting in the corner messing with his guitar, followed by Jamie and then Nick. He was sat adjacent to Joy, who shot up from her seat at the sight of me. She hugged me tightly and over her shoulder I glanced at Nick, who had avoided eye contact with me so far. She pulled away and said, “I’ve really missed you.” I smiled and then walked over to Nick and whispered, “Can I talk to you?” He looked up and our eyes met instantly. He stood up and followed me out of the room unwillingly before saying exactly what I didn’t want to hear. “Charlotte. I don’t think you should be here.” He said as the door shut behind him. “Just please be quiet for a minute so I can explain myself.”


He leaned on the wall and folded his arms while adjusting his gaze and focusing on me. “I know I haven’t been the most honest with you- “ I began saying until I was interrupted by the squeak of the door and then Alex’s voice. “Charlotte. How are you?” I shot him a nervous glance and then uttered “I’m good, you?” “Great, thank you. It’s really nice to see you.” Alex replied. I heard Nick let out a heavy sigh directly after Alex spoke. I looked up at him and saw that his face displayed an impatient expression. “We we’re kind of in the middle of something important so if you wouldn’t mind giving us some privacy-“ I said. “Oh yes of course. Sorry Nick…Nice to see you again Charlotte.” He smiled at me before turning around and returning to the dressing room. “You don’t need to explain anything. I can tell you don’t have the same feelings for Alex and that’s good.” My heart skipped a beat and suddenly my whole attitude shifted. Things seemed to already be looking better and this talk ended up being easier than I had expected. “Although I realize things are different, I’m seeing someone right now.” He confessed. It felt like my heart had sunk straight into my stomach and suddenly my hopes disappeared as well as my vision. 

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Perhaps Vampires is a Bit Strong But…*Chapter One*

This is the follow up to the previously posted ‘preview’. So, if you haven’t read that then please do so before reading this, or you’ll be a very confused bunny.

'Al, you twat, stop hesitating on which dress you wanna' wear and answer the fuckin' door.'

Alex sniggered despite his dread for the upcoming event, throwing on a jacket that had been idly hanging from his wardrobe door. He poked his head out of his bedroom window.

'You could be conventional and knock?' He smirked. Jamie's head looked up in the direction of Alex's bedroom window, suddenly noticing the scruffy brunette mop of hair poking out, accompanied by the amused grin and glistening brown eyes.

'We're gonna' miss the bus, Helders and George are already there.' He yelled up, creasing his forehead slightly.

'Who the fuck's George?' Alex asked after a moment of confused silence.

'The lanky prick who invited us in t'first place. Just 'urry up.'

Suddenly, the front door to the house opened. Jamie’s focus of attention changed, now taking on a look of sheer confusion.

The dark-blonde curls of Alex’s mum caught his attention, watching as she partially stepped from the doorway outside.

'Y'alright, Penny?' Jamie's voice suddenly changed tone, sounding almost polite.

'You know Jamie, you could always knock and wait inside? There's not much need to play Romeo outside Alex's window.'

He could practically hear Jamie blush. The sound of his mums light chucking made him grin subconsciously, but the smile was wiped off when she suddenly turned and looked in his direction. He jerked slightly, wanting to pull his body back into his room for a split second before realising he’d already been caught.

Her expression was one of mock anger, although he could see the slight glint of amusement in her eyes.

'And I'm sure you'd make a lovely Juliette, but I'd rather you not be hanging out of the window.'

Alex sighed, pulling his head away from the window, shutting and locking it behind him. Stuffing his wallet, keys, and Nokia mobile into his pocket, he made his way out of his room.

He could hear Jamie being interrogated before he’d even started to make his way down the staircase. The awkward stutters, short replies, and ‘yes Penny' rung through the air as he jogged down the stairs, pushing his way through the door and being greeted with a thank fuck expression of relief from Jamie.

He came to a stop awkwardly, aware of his mother’s prying gaze analysing every detail of him. He hadn’t spoken to her much that afternoon. He’d made his own supper straight after he’d returned from the exam, although he didn’t feel as hungry as usual. He assumed this nausea was caused by his feelings of concern, almost dread, over tonight’s party. After a quick shower, during which he guessed his mum must have returned, he’d done nothing much but try to talk himself out of going.

'Where are you going, Alex?'

He snapped out of his thoughts, looking up at his mum. He avoided eye contact, staring at her crossed arms.

'Just out, nowhere in particular really.'

He shifted awkwardly. His mum didn’t have a particular issue with him attending parties and such, but revealing his plans would lead to a half-hour lecture for both Jamie and himself. And, when you had a bus to catch in ten minutes, it wasn’t the best idea.

'If you're going to be out drinking, Alex, I'd like to know where, in case something happens.' Her voice was calm, but he knew better than to assume that meant that she was calm.

'Who said I was drinking?' He chuckled awkwardly, trying to deflect the accusation. But, in doing so, he met the stare of his mum with his own blank expression.

He could see that he wasn’t going to get anywhere tonight if he didn’t give a brief summary of where he was going.

He cleared his throat, ‘Just going for a party at me mate John’s house,’ referring to John as a mate felt pure wrong, ‘he lives at the other end of High Green. We’re getting a bus. We’ll be late if we don’t leave soon.’

And then he looked down, hoping his mum would be satisfied with that explanation.

He heard the clunk of shoes on gravel, and then felt the small, warm hands of his mum adjust the collar of his jacket.

'Send me a text when you get there. Have you got money back for a taxi?' She asked, voice softer now than before.

He nodded and she, much to his embarrassment due to Jamie’s presence, pressed her lips on his cheek.

'Hurry then, don't want to keep the lanky prick waiting.’

Jamie turned, the sound of his chuckling filling the air as Alex muttered a quick s’later to his mum, still smirking from her last remark.

They began walking away from the house and towards the bus stop. Alex heard his front door shut, but the two of them walked in silence down the street until the house was out of sight.

'Mate, that's the only action you're getting tonight.' Jamie sniggered, causing Alex to instinctively rub his cheek, ridding himself of the non-existent mark the kiss of his mother had left.

It wasn’t long until the sight of the bus stop came into view. Alex spotted Matt first, leaning against a lamppost, seemingly making small-talk to the shy boy who he could now identify as George.

'Who wants an early one?' Jamie yelled out, now jogging to the two boys, as he reached into a bag he had slumped over his shoulder. Alex lingered behind, looking almost bored as he watched Jamie produce a four-pack of Carlsberg, not waiting for a reply as he threw a can at each. George seemed surprised to be included in this, almost missing catching his by a fraction of a second.

'To tonight, and all that cheesy shit.' Jamie cracked open his can and held it up in a mocking gesture.

Matt cackled, ‘to finishing five years of shitty high school and never once having me head flushed down t’toilet.’

Alex noticed Andy running down towards the group, face red and blotchy from the sudden burst of exercise.

'To Andy, who never makes it fuckin' anywhere on time.' He added, causing Matt and Jamie to cheer Andy as he finally arrived with the group.

Andy panted, obviously out of breath, clutching his side as he addressed the group.

'I thought I'd miss t'bus.' He wheezed.

Jamie’s face was full with a huge grin, observing the condition of his friend with obvious amusement.

'You need a beer, mate?'

Andy nodded wordlessly, finally noticing the cans everyone was holding.

'Shame that, because I ain't opening another four pack yet.' Jamie smirked, causing Alex to break into giggles for a reason he wasn't entirely sure about. He guessed it must have had something to do with the look of sheer disappointment on Andy's face.

Alex sipped on the can, more than aware of the look of longing on Andy’s face as he stared absentmindedly at the can.

'Mmm, propper nice this, Cookie. I'm so glad 'y brought it.' Alex muttered as he lowered the can, voice quivering slightly as he tried not to laugh.

'Don't be a dick.' Andy shook his head. 'Well when we get off the bus and I buy me own, you're not 'avin any.'

'How're you gonna buy your own?' Matt questioned,

'I go in. I pick some up. I go to the till. I hand over the money in exchange for the goods. I leave.'

Matt snorted, ‘you’re underage, mate. They’ll never serve ‘y.’

A look of realisation swept over Andy’s face.

Jamie reached into his backpack at last, laughing as he chucked a can at Andy suddenly.

'Cheers, mate.'

Alex watched the cars whiz past, headlights glowing golden as the sky began to darken. Leaning against the shelter and chugging down the remainder of his drink, he found himself almost surprised when the bus came into sight.

Jamie waved his hand frantically to signal the bus to stop. Alex watched as the four boys knocked back the contents of their can before the bus got closer, pushing the cans into the bin just before it pulled up.

After paying an extortionate, over-priced fare, Alex followed Matt to the back of the bus, where the most seats were available.

He sat next to the window, on the back row. Matt took up the two seats in front of him, turning his back to face the back row. Andy awkwardly shuffled down the bus isle, George following, occupying the two seats next to Alex. Jamie was the last to purchase his ticket, not even reaching his seat when the bus jerked to a start, causing him to lose his balance and fall in the direction of Matt.

Alex and Andy burst out into laughter, George looking down and trying in vain to conceal his smirk. Jamie’s more athletic frame crushed Matt’s smaller one to the extent where the only part of Matt visible was the bright red face, poking out next to Jamie’s shoulder, wielding an expression of absolute confusion.

Jamie jerked into an upright expression, still sitting on Matt’s legs, glaring at the three boys in the seat behind him.

'How long d'ya recon we'll be on this bus then?' Jamie asked as nonchalantly as he could manage, as though nothing had happened.

'Not too long.' George tried to keep his voice level, oblivious to Matt's pained expression as Jamie crushed his legs with his weight.

'So how'd you know this John then?' Andy asked.

George still tried to avoid eye contact with anyone, Alex noticed.

'Well, er, I play guitar in his band.' He muttered, fingers twitching.

'You play?' Alex asked.

Suddenly, to him, George had become a much less boring person.

George shifted in his seat. ‘Er, yeah.’

'How long've you been at it for?'

'About two years.' George paused, ‘Do you?’

‘I try.’

Over the past year, Alex had gained a sudden interest in the rock genre. He had received a guitar for Christmas, as had Jamie, but had only learnt a maximum of four chords. He had spent most of his time focusing on his last year of school. He sunk back in his chair with the consideration of practicing more now that all his exams were over.

'I play, too.' Jamie contributed.

Yeah, Alex agreed mentally, a lot better than I do.

Although the two had both gotten guitars at the same time, Jamie was already a margin better than Alex, able to play more complex tunes. His favourite to show off was the Bond theme.

It’s your own fault, Al. You’re the one who’s been neglecting that guitar.

'What's your band called?' Matt asked, seeming genuinely curious.

George was silent for a moment.

'Fat cats.'

Then everyone was silent.

Alex was the one to break the silence.

'Is that a dirty euphemism?'

George blushed slightly. ‘I don’t know, I didn’t choose it. John and his mate did.’

'It's original, I'll give you that.' Matt shrugged.

Sooner than Alex had predicted, George pressed the ‘stop button’, the familiar ting bringing him out of his daydream.

He brought himself to his feet as the others stood up, gripping to the bars and anticipating the jerk as the bus stopped.

One by one, they shuffled off the bus, each muttering a cheers as they passed the driver.

The cold air hit Alex as he stepped off the bus. He realised it had gotten considerably darker since they had boarded the bus, now looking more night than day.

George began making his way down a complex route of alleyways and small streets until they came to a lane of terraced houses. The thumping of loud music was coming from one of them, and Alex didn’t have much trouble guessing which.

George came to a halt in front of a gate leading to one house in particular. He leant over and opened the petite red gateway into what felt like another planet completely.

The four boys walked down the path, but Alex hesitated slightly before following through.

He lagged behind, watching as George let himself into the red front door, not bothering to knock.

The first thing he recognised was the song blasting through a large music system, Smells Like Teen Spirit. Alex had only recently been getting into Nirvana upon Jamie’s recommendation.

As he stepped into the hallway, his eyes began to water with the misty atmosphere. He coughed, the sudden change from the clear night air into the claustrophobic, smoke filled house hitting him like a ton of bricks. Girls dressed in slutty, revealing dresses that made them look like they could be on window display in Amsterdam filled the hallway. Joining them were already intoxicated boys, eyes glinting with lust and yearning, an almost predatory and perverted desire.

Alex followed at the back of his group of friends, pushing through countless amounts of people until they reached what he assumed to be the living room.

Jamie turned, muttering in Alex’s ear, confirming his suspicions.

'Can you smell weed?'

Alex nodded slightly, satisfying Jamie enough to turn back around. The voice of Kurt Cobain yelled down his earlobes so loud that he wouldn’t be shocked if he found the man in the kitchen.

Well, he wouldn’t be out of place in this atmosphere.

Alex noticed they had stopped in the living room, looking down at a group of about seven people who were taking up most of the living room, sprawled out on both the furniture and the floors.

His stomach lurched as he noticed the dark, wavy hair. He glanced at the face it belonged to, his fears confirmed.


'Y'alright, Georgey-Boy?' Johns scouse accent yelled over the music, which wasn't as loud in the living room, but was still a mind-numbing volume.

John puffed out a trail of smoke from the taboo cigarette, which Alex assumed was the cause of the putrid smell.

George nodded silently.

'These are me mates,' he gestured behind him, and Alex suddenly became aware of John's cold blue eyes on him, 'thought you wouldn't care much if I brought anyone. I mean, you don't know most 'o these people 'ere anyway.'

Surprisingly, John nodded, not seeming at all too phased or bothered by the presence of them, before mumbling a quick ‘whatever you want, mate.’

George, seemingly satisfied with the answer, sat on the floor beside an unfamiliar brunette. Alex awkwardly caught the eyes of the girl, who smirked and flexed her perfectly toned legs.

He averted his eyes, shoving his hands into his pockets.

The four stood awkwardly. John took another drag, passing it to a girl who was lying into his body, skintight dress moving further up her body as she moved to take a drag, eyes half-closed as though she was seeing things Alex couldn’t.

John’s eyes fell back on the group, staring each up and down, an almost amused expression on his face.

'You the strippers then?' He asked, causing a round of chuckles in the group he was sitting with. 'Hookers? Gotta admit I’m a tad disappointed.’

The four shifted awkwardly. Alex could see George sitting uncomfortably in the corner of his eyes.

Jamie cleared his throat, ‘nah thanks, mate. I don’t do primates for mates.’

Johns grin died down. Various laughs emerged within John’s ring of what Alex assumed to be ‘friends’.

A warm, sickly feeling arose in the pit of Alex’s stomach. He felt cold and hot at the exact same time, and suddenly his beer seemed a slightly bad idea. He briefly wondered how much Jamie must have had.

It seemed everyone in the room was eloped in the awkward atmosphere, however stoned they were. Alex briefly wondered why they’d even shown up, he’d known it would have been trouble to even begin with. He felt the urge to just turn and walk out of the house, but when he tried to move it felt as though his feet were glued to the ground.

George coughed awkwardly, his voice coming out slightly hoarse when he spoke.

'Jamie's into guitar.'

Alex recognised the feeble attempts to make a connection between John and them.

John nodded carelessly, his attention now fixated on the girl next to him, who was now seemingly asleep. Her dress was now covering less and less, and Alex would bet that if she moved even a fraction more, her boobs would pop out.

'Alex plays too.' George added, looking in Alex's direction.

John snorted, ‘what, with himself?’

Alex felt his cheeks flush red. He looked down at his shoes, feeling the contents of his stomach rise even more.

'I do, all the time.' Another boy with a Liverpudlian accent stepped up, looking a lot more sober than the others in the house as he approached Alex. 'It’s good for the wrist muscles.' He flexed his wrist as he came to a halt in front of Alex, as if to back up his point. 'I'm Miles.'

Something about his demeanour managed to settle the uneasy feeling in his stomach considerably.


Miles turned to the other three, gazing at them for a second before smiling slightly.

'Drinks?' He asked, receiving nods from all four.

They followed him into a kitchen. Alex’s eyes took in even more sights of girls in tiny dresses and people who couldn’t stand straight.

'Shots?' Miles asked, turning around to be met with general agreement.

Alex threw back his head and knocked back the burning liquid the second the tiny glass filled with vodka arrived in his hand. When he lowered his head and found himself faced with the amused expression of Miles, eyebrows raised.

'Want another?'

Alex nodded, passing back the shot glass. Miles turned to pour him another one, and he turned to realise that Jamie, Matt and Andy were no longer behind him. His heart almost skipped a beat, before he spotted Matt’s bright blue jacket a few feet away.

The three of them had found a small group of girls to leach onto. Alex couldn’t help but feel slightly dumbfounded at how quickly they’d found people to harass.

He shook his head, not even trying to catch the attention of his friends.

He suddenly felt alone.

Miles took a shot with him this time. When the bitter vodka had settled in his stomach he was handed a can of Strongbow.

'Sorry about John,' Miles remarked, staring absentmindedly at the door, 'he has the tendency to be a cunt.'

Alex scoffed, not being able to think of one better way to put it.

'To be blunt.' He added.

Miles sniggered. ‘You get used to him after a while.’ He paused, ‘about the same way as someone could get used to sleeping in a bed of pigs vomit if they had to.’

Alex shrugged. ‘I’d rather choose the pig vomit.’

Miles laughed again, shaking his head in dismay. ‘You’re alright, you.’

He smiled. Somehow, he found it almost impossible to imagine someone as arrogant and angry as John to be friends with someone as friendly as Miles.

Alex felt a tap on his back. He turned suddenly, jumping slightly in surprise.

Jamie stood behind him, smiling from ear to ear.

'Come over 'ere with us, mate. These girls are sound, I'll introduce 'y.' He gestured to the group of four girls Matt and Andy were chatting away to. One of them watched what Jamie was doing, giving Alex a slight wave which he timidly returned.

He looked in the direction of Miles, who was watching the two with a smirk dancing around his lips, as though everyone was humouring him.

'See you around, Alex.' Miles smirked, patting him on the shoulder as he made his way back through the house. He left so suddenly that Alex didn't have a chance to react to his sudden departure, managing to mutter a 'cheers' which he assumed he didn't catch over the volume of the chatter and music.

Jamie began pushing Alex in the direction of the group. The contents of his drink splashed over the top and splattered his fingers, but he was more concerned about the social situation he was in.

He noticed the girl who had waved at him was the same who’d been sat next to George a short while back, the brunette he’d made awkward eye-contact with.

Andy and Matt continued their conversation with the girls, but the brunette seemed to tune out upon Alex’s arrival.

'Y'alright, I'm Gemma.' She smiled, holding her hand out.

He shook it, noticing how warm her palms were. ‘Alex.’

She smiled, eyelashes fluttering as she looked up at him. He briefly considered keeping tally of how many times he’d introduce himself tonight.

Jamie tapped his shot glass, which Alex forgot he still had, in yet another mock toast.

The girls and Andy giggled. Alex found his attention fixated completely on the pink tinted glass as it shimmered in the light in the kitchen. His eyes began to water again due to the smoke, and he felt suddenly hypnotised by the translucent material.

'To tonight.' Jamie raised the empty glass, the others following the mock toast, laughing mindlessly.

Alex chugged down more Strongbow, the taste starting to turn almost metallic in his mouth.

To tonight…

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Perhaps Vampires is a Bit Strong But…*Preview*

Alex’s eyes focused on the hand of the clock, moving as each second passed. A second wasn’t a long time, but each movement felt like hours when encased in the tense atmosphere occupying the exam hall.

Five minutes left

He looked down at his paper, slumping back in his chair. Reminding himself that it was his last exam, and in five minutes his whole school life would be over, he managed to gather the energy to flick through his answers briefly. Mentally drained, he concluded that what was done was done, and all he could do was hope that he’d done good enough to pass. 

Scanning the large room, he began to observe the doings of his peers. 

His eyes first fixated on a shy boy he recognized from his maths class. He looked calm, holding an expression of idle indifference, but Alex soon caught sight of his leg, nervously bouncing up and down at an impressive speed. The movement caused a tapping noise, which was obviously causing irritation for several of the rooms occupants. Alex noticed Jamie sat behind the boy, eyes burning holes into the back of his head with the intensity of his glare. 

He almost laughed. 

The noise of a pen scribbling vigorously on paper made him turn to his left. The girl that had become subject to his bored gaze was slightly familiar, he’d probably seen her around the school. He noticed her knuckles turning white around the pen she grasped, hands moving at incredible speed as she crammed as many words she could on the space available. Her eyes were wide and unblinking, square-framed glasses gradually sliding down her nose. 

Losing interest, he turned forward again. He stared blankly at the head of the boy in front of him, examining the prickles of hair on his shaved head. 

Realizing suddenly how creepy he must look staring at all these people, he forced his head back down to look at the cover of his exam sheet. After re-reading the text another time, he wondered briefly if a person could fall into a coma due to an overload of boredom. 

His heart skipped a beat when the invigilator’s voice rang out across the room. He only caught the first two words, 'pens down', when he sat straight, neck clicking quietly and causing him to sigh with relief. Mimicking he actions of his peers by sliding his exam sheet to the left side of the tiny desk he was sat at, he grabbed his pens and got to his feet. 

The noise of excited chatter instantly filled the room. 

Alex shuffled his way through the crowd to the far side of the room, briefly hearing complaints of ‘I was so shit’ and ‘nothing I revised was in that paper’ before finding his bag and coat slumped next to those of his friends in the pile of possessions. 

A hand hit his back, causing him to turn whilst shoving his hand through the sleeve of his coat.

He was met with the sight of Matt, hair cut short and eyes looking wide and exhausted. 

'How'd you do, mate?' He asked, taking in Alex's exhausted demeanor.

Alex shook his head, rubbing his eyes and shuffling to the side to let Matt reach for his coat. 

'I don't even know. Wrote what I could. Mind went blank as fuck.' 

'Same here. Let's just get out of here, c'mon.' 

Alex and Matt pushed their way from the overcrowded hall, the wind hitting their faces as they reached outdoors and began making their way home. 

'Can't believe that's school over already.' Matt muttered, shaking his head in dismay. 

'Tell me about it, it 'an't sunk in yet. Somewhere in m'head I keep thinking I'm gonna go back there.'

'Well we will,' Matt paused, 'results day.' 

Alex groaned, throwing his head back. He noticed the clouds were more grey than white today, a premonition of rain. 

Alex didn’t hear the approaching footsteps, or sense any third presence until the back of Jamie’s foot collided with the small of his back, sending him jerking forwards. Luckily, he managed to stop himself from falling, stumbling to get his balance as he heard the carefree cackles of his friends. 

'Thanks for fuckin' leaving us, gay boys.' Jamie laughed, walking backwards in front of the two. Alex turned around to spot Andy and a boy he didn't recognize walking beside him. The boy had a messy bowl-cut, looking down at his feet in an almost timid way. 

'Who're you calling gay?' Matt sniggered, 't'last time I checked, I were the one with the girlfriend, not you. Tell me, is it cramped in that closet, Cookie?' 

Jamie cuffed Matt over the head, starting a mock scrap with the two. Andy and the other boy managed to catch up in the time it took them to stop, Matt’s face illuminating to a not-so-subtle shade of red. 

'So, are we 'avin a party tonight or not?' Andy inquired, a smirk on his lips. 

'To failure?' Jamie muttered. 

'To a right good school year, that's what to.'

Matt looked thoughtful for a second, ‘Not a bad idea.’

'Who's got a free?' Alex asked, gazing at each of his friends briefly. 'Because my mum an' dad won't let me 'ave a party.' 

The group went silent. 

'I would say we should go to my house but me mam'd get well annoyed with all the people.' Jamie muttered, shaking his head. 

'Same here'. Matt nodded. 

'I could try getting my old's to go out?' Andy offered, shrugging his shoulders. A brief wave of nods ran through the group until the boy Alex didn't know spoke for the first time, looking up from his phone. 

'My mate John's 'avin a bit of a do tonight, if you wanna go to that?' He murmured shyly. Alex noticed the Liverpudlian accent.

'John who?' He asked. 

'He's in year 12 in the sixth, I don't know if you'd know him…' 

'John Murdock?' He contributed, eyes refusing to make contact with anyone else's. 

Alex recognized the name. John had attended Stocksbridge High School too, and had terrorized both the younger years and those in his own year right until he finished last year. Alex had been surprised he’d gained enough GCSE’s to go on to sixth form, he seemed to prefer spending his time making other people’s life a misery. 

'I'm alright, ta. I'll give it a miss.' He muttered.

'It sounds alright, I'll go.' Jamie shrugged.

'Yeah, same.' Andy nodded, Matt joining in and agreeing. 

'Why don't you wanna go?' Jamie asked, narrowing his eyes. 

'Don't be borin', Al.' Andy nudged him, 'It'll be a right laugh.'

'Weather looks like it's gonna be shit.' Alex muttered. 

'What's that go to do with it? Stop being such a borin' prick.' Jamie laughed. 

'If I'm boring, why'd you want me to go?' Alex questioned. 

'So we can all take t'piss out of 'y, when you're drunk.'

Alex sighed, already regretting the words before they left his lips. 

'Ok. I'll go.' 

It didn’t mean he’d have to stay long. All he’d be doing is showing his face around. Maybe he wouldn’t even see John? Now he thought about it, he’d probably be far too busy to even notice them there. Andy was right, maybe it would be a laugh. 

'He lives down the other end of High Green, we could catch a bus up?' The quiet boy asked. 

'Yeah, what time?' Matt looked at him. The boy narrowed his eyes, seeming to concentrate for a moment. 

'Could catch the 22 at half seven, should get us there before eight?'

A wave of agreements made it’s way around the group. Alex nodded, eyes staring at his feet.

The conversation morphed into something Alex didn’t care much to listen to, causing him to tune out. He eventually spotted his street, muttering a goodbye to the group who were too engrossed in their banter to notice him leaving. 

Raindrops began to fall as he reached his door. He fumbled with his key, letting himself into the empty hallway and shutting the door behind him with slightly more force than was probably required. 

He was dreading tonight before it had even started. 

Hello! This is the preview to my new story, which is going to take place as the boys progress through college and the beginning of Arctic Monkeys forming. I will try to maker this as accurate as possible, but I also want Miles in this so I’m going to have to include him. I know they didn’t meet until later on in life. I’m sorry if this is shit so far, It’ll get better as I get into it. 

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PS. Sorry about it being so short, if people like this and I start posting chapters then they will be longer. 

Part I

"Maddie, it’s been a month now. Stop moping around. He wasn’t worth it and you know it," Jess said to me over the sound of the others around us. "I brought you to an Arctic Monkeys concert, for god’s sake. Cheer up a bit!" She said once more and playfully punched my arm. I cracked a smile at her and returned the punch. "You’re right. He was just a bastard; a handsome bastard but a bastard nevertheless," I said moving along with the line. "That’s right, now hurry. The line’s moving!" But the line moved less than a dozen eager fans and we waited more. The doors didn’t open until 7:30 and we had been waiting since 6. "Maddie, I have to use the restroom. Pronto." I stated and she rolled her eyes at me. "Well, go find some place, I’ll hold your spot here," she said and hushed me away.

The sun was beginning to nest itself on the horizon and the clouds were darkening. It caused a breeze to sway by me as I made my way through the back of the building looking for a restroom. There was a employee of the building there who pointed me through a door and up the stairs to my left. Almost running up the stairs, I accidentally took a right. “Goddamn it,” I cursed loudly. “Are you looking for something?” I heard someone say. I know that voice. I quickly turned to face the one and only Alex Turner. The light of the hallway caressed his features and he looked at me expressionless as I stood in his way. The light shone on his quiff and those locks of hair falling perfectly in place. I was silent, awed at the way the light played mind tricks on me. “I—well…I was actually um…looking for the ladies room! I guess I took a wrong turn somewhere,” I nervously told him, my hands shaking a bit. “Suppose you did take a wrong turn, love. The ladies room is behind me. Sure you weren’t looking for something else?” He slyly said, seemingly not imply nothing but the smirk at the corner of his mouth betrayed him. “Do you think I was looking…for you?” I questioned him and he raised both his eyebrows, making creases on his forehead. “Ah, suppose you weren’t, then,” He said shrugging, “Don’t make a wrong turn again,” He said to me, moving to his right and resting his shoulder against the wall. I looked at him once more, adoring his face and adoring his lazy smile. I didn’t say anything but gave him a smile. I was passed by him and headed down the hall to the ladies room. I glanced behind me and noticed he was still there, rustling for his cigarette pack. I continued and finally found the restroom. 

When I exited the restroom, I half hoped he was still there. But of course, he wasn’t there. What was I really expecting? A chance with him? Honey, please. Girls are always crawling around for him. There’s not a chance in heaven for me. My feet against the stairs echoed in the hall and at the bottom of the stairs, there was a man with his back against the wall, cigarette between his fingers and the light shinning on his quiff. I made my way down the stairs and stood in front of him as the smoke of the cigarette surrounded us. “Looking for something?” I asked him and he rose his eyes to meet mine. He dropped the cigar on the floor and smiled. “I must have taken a wrong turn,” he mocked me. I laughed softly and was about to reach the door when he grabbed my hand. My body stiffened at his touch, his long, slender and warm fingers wrapped around my wrist. I stared at him in disbelief and the smile wiped off my face. He didn’t hesitate and placed his other hand behind my neck pulling me towards him. Our lips touched and I felt a rush trickle all over my body. His other hand pulled my arm to his neck and I followed with my other, wrapping them around his neck to pull him closer. He kept me close with his hand pressing on my lower back. His kisses were hungry and demanding and I melted. “Alex, wait,” I moaned slightly between our lips but he didn’t stop. “Don’t you have a girlfriend?” I mustered to ask as his hands had begun to explore under my shirt. Alex abruptly stopped with the kisses. Breathing heavily, he removed his hands from under my shirt and cupped my face. “No, love. Don’t you worry about that, I’m a man with a broken heart looking for a fix,” he said heavily. I was his rebound. I was Alex’s rebound. He must have noticed the change in my expression because his hands left my face. We stood in front of each other, not doing anything and not saying anything. “I think, that would make two of us…” I said to him, a smirk forming on my lips. He grabbed my waist and pinned me against the opposite wall. His eyes took me in and his lips covered me in lusting kisses. All I could do was melt in his touch as I let him explore my body.

Jess was looking at me funny when I returned. My cheeks were flushed and my hair was messy. I ran my fingers through my hair trying to fix it. “What took you so long?” She questioned me as I tried to compose myself. “I got lost,” I bluntly answered her. I could tell she didn’t believe so she asked me again, “What took you so long?” And my grin widened and so did her eyes. “Oh god…no. You didn’t.” Her voice was soft and shocked. “You screwed a stranger, didn’t you? Oh yes you did, I can see it in your face.” She laughed heartily and I tried hushing her. “He was amazing. Purely amazing.” I confessed, my body filled with a tingling sensation. “He even gave me his phone number, Jess!” Jess grinned and said, “Maddie, you dirty girl. Come on, the show’s almost starting.”

Anonymous whispered: Hello! In your opinion, what are the best stories here about the Arctic Monkeys? Xx

I adore all of them to be honest! But I enjoy Mars stories and Lauren’s stories the most! Hope this helps :)